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fashion mistakes
Fashion Tips

How to Avoid Fashion Mistakes

How to Avoid Fashion Mistakes Fashion is all about experimentation. Finding out what works for you and what doesn’t. However, through experimentation, you can easily create a whole wardrobe of fashion mistakes. From gaudy outfits to stains on your favorite dress, there are some fashion mistakes we wouldn’t wish on our worst enemy. So, here …

signet ring

Classic Signet Rings You Won’t Take Off

Long back in history, the signet ring was considered as the “original signature”. It showcased authenticity more than a written signature. Royals and aristocrats were the sole owners of these rings then. More specifically, the rings belonged to men only. The signet ring represented the beholders status in society. There is a vast range of …

organic fashion
Fashion Tips

Where Is Your Organic Clothing Made?

Many times I have been asked where my organic and eco friendly clothing is made. When my answer includes places like China, Bangladesh and, India, the response I often get is negative and I can certainly understand. Most people involved in the environmental movement prefer to “buy local” either to reduce the impacts resulting from …