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fashionable sunglasses

Tips On How To Choose Your Designer Glasses

Numerous devices are now available in the market to improve any individual’s fashion and performance. Of these fashion statements, glasses is one of the trends that even young people use to enhance their style and protect their eyes from elements that can affect their vision. However, picking the right glasses that can match people’s attributes …

face mask

Fashion in the time of Covid-19

By Max Berlinger Last Friday, the Centers for Disease Control officially recommended widespread use of face masks to help slow the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus. These aren’t the medical-grade N95 facial respirator masks—which continue to be in short supply and should be reserved solely for health-care professionals on the frontlines of the pandemic battle—or …

woman fashion

Fashionable Choices for the Plus Size Woman

Women who are less than lean and possess a particular shape find themselves having a hard time looking for fashionable plus size clothing. Most clothing seems to be engineered for smaller women and this sort of bias is unfair as well as incredibly inconvenient for a considerable percentage of the population. More importantly, it limits …