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Choosing the Right Men’s Swimwear

There are many different kinds of men in the world, with many different body types and personalities. There are men with frames that could be best described as “dangerously” thin all the way up to men whose sizes can be summed up as “more to love”.

Regardless of what your personality or body type is, there is men’s swimwear for you. It’s your job as an informed consumer to choose the men’s swimwear that corresponds most closely to you or the intended person’s body type and personality.

If you’re partner has a more reserved personality or is a rather heavyset man, it would be rather unsuitable for them to wear men’s swimwear. Here are some simple instructions that you can follow to choose the right men’s swimwear for yourself and those you love.

There are three primary body types: Thin, average and heavyset. Of these three body types there are two subtypes within each. Within the thin body type there is: thin and athletic (wiry) and thin in average. Within the average body type there is: average and muscular, and average and nonathletic. In the heavyset body type there is: the heavyset and muscle-bound and the heavyset and robust types.
The following is a breakdown of the proper men’s swimwear corresponding to those body types.

Thin and athletic: board shorts, surf shorts
Thin and average: board shorts and surf shorts
Average and muscular: board shorts, surf shorts, bikini, men’s swimwear, G string
Average and nonathletic: board shorts, surf shorts, G string
Heavyset and muscle-bound: board shorts, surf shorts, swimwear
Heavyset and robust: board shorts and surf shorts

When you are choosing the right men’s swimwear another thing that you must take into consideration is the wearer’s personality type. This is the most frequently overlooked step in choosing the right swimwear. Most people choose swimwear based solely on physical appearance, not on the wearers psychology. There are two primary personality types: introverts and extroverts. There also two primary modes of interaction: closed and reserved or open and outgoing.

Introverts tend to enjoy men’s swimwear that emphasizes a more laid-back look. Most of the time, it’s safe to assume that introverts interact with the world in a closed and reserved manner. For them, swimwear is about wearing the right clothing for the occasion, not attracting unneeded attention. Board shorts and surf shorts would be ideal for an introvert, but if the introvert is particularly strong in water, competition swimwear wouldn’t be a bad choice.

Extroverts on the other hand, are very open to the possibility of attracting attention through their clothing. With extroverts, almost all of the swimwear possibilities open up. Extroverts tend to approach the world in an open and outgoing manner. When choosing men’s swimwear for an extrovert, is more important to pick based on body type then it is to base it on personality.

Now you possess all the knowledge you need to choose the right men’s swimwear for either yourself or for those that you love. By picking the right men’s swimwear you will not only be able to choose a look that looks and feels good, you’ll also be able to choose one that is suitable for the person.

Photo by Joel Bengs on Unsplash