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Fashion Faux Pas Women Have To Avoid!

Nowadays, the world of fashion is rapidly changing. What was in style yesterday is out of style today. But in order to avoid fashion mistakes, it’s not enough to read the latest magazines and fashion blog posts. You should also learn some basic dressing rules that must never be broken.

For example, avoid wearing colored underwear under see-through clothes. Don’t wear your black bra under white Shirt Dresses, even though you have seen some celebrities do that. You don’t want to end up looking cheap and desperate for attention.

Another common dressing mistake is wearing fashionable clothes even if they don’t fit you well. If you are a little curvy, avoid skinny jeans and complicated dresses that look bad on your body. Choose something more appropriate for your silhouette, like plain Shirt Dresses, wrap dresses just below the knee, A-line skirts with fluid silk tops and, of course, high heels.
If you want to be well dressed on any occasion, also avoid buying things just because they are on sale. You will end up with a pile of clothes in the wardrobe and nothing to wear. Before shopping, make a plan, think of a look you would like to recreate, instead of purchasing clothes that you can’t even wear.

Obviously, you don’t have to be a fashion addict to make smart choices; you don’t need to follow the latest trends to be well dressed; but don’t get stuck with the same clothes that you were wearing in high school either. Your body changes as years go by, so that you may need to invest more in clothes and make-up than you did when you were in your twenties. Learn how to dress your age avoiding looking too flirty or geek.

When you feel at a loss, get inspiration from your favorite stars at Hollywood. Even if you don’t have an army of stylists around, you can still look fabulous in the perfect pair of jeans or the perfect cocktail dress. Before buying clothes, carefully consider your silhouette, complexion and hair color. Choose materials, colors, prints and cuts that flatter your figure, making you feel taller, slimmer and younger. Rather than becoming a fashion victim, try to define your own style, making original yet stylish choices.