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The History of Converse Trainers

The Converse brand has been around for more than a century now and although most of its consumers and the most ardent fans of the brand are teenagers and people in their twenties, the Converse brand has been worn and loved by generation after generation of American teenagers and youth for nearly a century now. The company is as synonymous with all things American in the minds of many people as apple pie and the stars and stripes.

converse shoes

The Converse brand was actually started by a person with the same name and unlike what many people think, the brand does not have this name just because it sounds cool and seems to fit in very well and describe the entire ethos of the brand. There was actually a person called Marquis Mills Converse who was in his late thirties when he first gave up working in a footwear manufacturing company where he was a respected high level manager and decide to set up shop with a company that he would give his name to.

With this in mind he set up the Converse Rubber Shoe Company in Malden, a city in the state of Massachusetts in the United States of America. This was just a year before the outbreak of the First World War The company was soon manufacturing almost four thousand pairs of Converse shoes every day for men women and children but it was not until a few years later that the first Converse Trainers as we know them appeared on the scene. In 1915 the Converse Company started manufacturing tennis shoes that were called trainers and a young and upcoming basketball star called Chuck Taylor started wearing these trainers since they were so comfortable.


Chuck Taylor was so fond of the Converse shoes that he wore that he actually went back to the company with ideas on how to improve them and this gave the rise to the shoe that is today called the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star. He started working for the company both as a salesman and as a brand ambassador and the shoes were an instant hit. In fact a few years later the patch with a star on it that was suggested by Chuck Taylor himself in the first place began to be adorned by Chuck Taylor’s own signature and this is the same patch that all Converse Trainers carry to this day.

Over the years Converse shoes have always been very popular with the youth for two main reasons. The first being their simple and rugged construction and the comfort that they provided which is what made Chuck Taylor start wearing them in the first place. Converse Trainers have also always been priced very reasonably just like the rest of the Converse range and this has led to most people being able to buy many pairs of these shoes and has given rise to a huge industry that specializes in customizing Converse shoes with colours and paints to up their style and trendiness quotient.